Golden Comet’s well trained personnel can assist you with anything that may arise regarding your boat or yacht.
From the moment you decide to get into boating, we will be at your service offering our extensive knowledge and product range. We can help you make your decision on what kind of boat best fulfils your needs. You can leave all the formalities and arrangements up to us. Your only concern should be on where your first trip will be!

After your purchase, you can feel that the assistance of Golden Comet Marine is just a phone call away. We offer a large
range of after sales services and support, from service to maintenance and from boat management to insurance.

Through the years our company has gained the trust, satisfaction and confidence of its customers.

Our services are as follows;

  •  Sales
  •  Brokerage
  •  Commissioning
  •  After sales service
  •  Maintenance
  •  Insurance
  •  Registration and Legalities
  •  Yacht management
  •  24/7 Assistance